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About Us

Mangalorean cuisine is heavily influenced by the mixed culture that constitutes the population of Mangalore. At the very heart of the cuisine, lie its distinct flavours and preparation style.

Puli is seasoned by the famous Mahesh Lunch Home, who have always stayed true to this very essence of the cuisine. Our Chefs combine the freshest ingredients with a passion for bringing out inherent flavours in a contemporary approach to traditional Indian dishes The dishes are prepared using only the freshest ingredients and unique combination of spices,

Mahesh Lunch Home

Established by Mr. S.C. Karkera in 1977; Mahesh Lunch Home has spearheaded Mangalorean food to newer heights. Mahesh Lunch Home has now become one of the most desired restaurants for satiating Mangalorean Seafood hunger, for celebrities and families alike.

Being the first restaurant in Mumbai to serve authentic Mangalorean food, we occupy a special place for ourselves and our cuisine in the hearts of our customers.